ExpoSolar Colombia 2021
After the coronavirus, the sun will continue up there
our mission is to continue with the energy

ExpoSolar Colombia is a fair for solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, LED lighting, energy efficiency and electric mobility, which sees in this nascent sector a great driving force for the economy and sustainable development of Colombia.

It is conceived as a national and international fair and its purpose is to bring together academia, businessmen, distributors, government, project promoters and the general public.

In this video you will be able to appreciate the opinion of our exhibitors where they share their vision and the achievements obtained in ExpoSolar Colombia

In this video you will be able to appreciate the opinion of our exhibitors where they share their vision and the achievements obtained in ExpoSolar Colombia

ExpoSolar Colombia inherits from the COVID-19 crisis a specialized digital platform, which it puts at the service of other events.

ExpoSolar Colombia 2021 Presencial + Virtual, the sector of continuously evolving solar energy
October 20 to 22

ExpoSolar Colombia hybrid 2021, considered the business hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, ventures into the new concept for today's fair events (hybrids), which consists of offering both exhibitors and visitors the option to participate in 3 modalities : Face-to-face, virtual or both simultaneously. On the one hand, we will return to the face-to-face option and the physical display of products and services at the Plaza Mayor International Convention and Exhibition Center fairgrounds in the city of Medellín, and on the other, we will take advantage of the internet as an alternative and innovative medium within of online marketing to provide the best opportunity to expand the economic frontiers and network of the solar energy sector.

This innovative face-to-face + virtual proposal emerged since last August in the IV version of 2020 under the slogan "After the coronavirus the sun will continue up there, our mission is to continue with the energy transition." Philosophy that prompted us to develop our own digital platform, whose characteristics we narrate in the following video, which as an added value has the success obtained in the digital-only version of the previous year where we managed to quintuple the figures of the different components of the immediately previous fair , thus managing to break many paradigms about virtual fairs and exceed all expectations by emulating the activities of the face-to-face fair.

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Why does ExpoSolar Colombia organize a Virtual Fair?

There is an essential reason: ExpoSolar Colombia is calling on all companies in the solar and other renewable energy sectors to that this period of global economic recession does not affect the achievements obtained over several years with a good positioning of renewable energies, for which we must convert the work teams into teams of collective co-creation experts in work reengineering, competent to design strategies capable of positioning solar energy in its rightful place as a leader in a sustainable society and to that extent we want to promote this new tool for ...

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ExpoSolar Colombia Virtual 2020 as a relationship platform

From the beginning in ExpoSolar Colombia we have aimed at creating an economic zone for the Latin American and Caribbean region that It works as a large market, where collaboratively through a network of representations and marketers all inventions, developments, patents, training and achievements obtained in any of the links of the production chain of solar energy and others can be promoted. ..
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